Here are some of the day-to-day news stories I’ve worked on in the BBC’s Multimedia newsroom.

Sonia Rykiel Obituary

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Here’s a report i wrote, voiced and edited for BBC World News TV. Turnaround – 3 hours. 

Hot air balloon bailout

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This was a very quick turnaround for BBC World TV. Written, voiced and edited in 45 minutes.

Marilyn Monroe at 90

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Here’s a piece I put together about what would have been the famous pin-up’s 90th birthday.

Perseid meteors 2015

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Here’s a video I put together using some BBC viewers’ photos combined with music and text.

Fireworks light up Eiffel Tower

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Here’s a quick edit I did from some nice agency material of the Bastille Day fireworks in Paris, showing off the Eiffel Tower in all its glory.

Waterloo memorial unveiled

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Here’s a piece I put together using our BBC material from the Battle of Waterloo memorial unveiling.

Safe handshakes!

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Here’s a piece I filmed and edited for a feature about the Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond developing RSI because of ‘excessive’ handshaking’!

Cat saves baby

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Not quite a major career highlight, but seemed to go down well with the audience. Of course it did… it’s a cat story.

Fighting Islamic State

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With some help from Arabic speaking colleagues I voiced and edited together this interview, by BBC Arabic, with a Syrian fighter battling Islamic State in Kobane.

London helicopter crash

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Here’s a video I edited together when a helicopter crashed in central London in 2013. I was in charge of video on the BBC website on the day it happened. At the time, it was the most watched story in the BBC website’s history.

Best Russian meteor videos

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This meteor was filmed by many people in Russia moments before it landed in a remote lake. I pulled together some of the best YouTube clips after working with our UGC hub to get copyright clearance. This video had 1.7m hits in around 14 hours.

Croc leaps at swimmer

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This footage filmed by three Swedish graduates in Australia shows a small crocodile leaping off a rock into one of the lads’ face. I did a quick phone interview with him and edited the footage over it.

How eagle hoax was made

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The video of the Golden Eagle snatching a baby from a park has, of course, been exposed as a hoax. I spoke to the 3D design college in Canada, whose students made the clip.

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Mobiles help track malaria

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Cambodians in remote villages are using mobile phones to report and map new cases. I voiced this report, which was produced by our Global Video Unit.

Hunt for missing Tia Sharp

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In the early days of the hunt for the missing London girl Tia Sharp, I was sent to film voxes with locals and the piece to camera in this report.

Car crash claims on rise

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The number of car crash insurance claims is up despite the number of accidents being down. I filmed the piece to camera and general car GVs for this pkg.

Bear strays into gardens

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Officials in the US spent a morning tracking and sedating a wild black bear which had strayed into a residential area. I produced this report.

High cost of high speed rail

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I’ve been doing a lot of filming recently with our news gathering crews. The piece to camera in this report is one of the many items I filmed.

Midwifery council under fire

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council was accused of failing to properly regulate nursing. I filmed the two interviews in this report.

Puppy’s run in with cactus

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This puppy was found in the US full of cactus spines. The news agencies fed over some pictures and BBC World TV ran them. I re-ordered them and dropped in a soundbite.

Pupils steer bus to safety

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CCTV footage of these US pupils steering their school bus to safety was released to news broadcasters. I edited them together and scripted and voiced the report.

Luxury cars seized

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US customs invited journalists to film more than a dozen stolen luxury cars they seized at ports in California. I put this report together.

Sharks close beach

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An Australian rescue helicopter filmed this footage of a feeding frenzy off a beach north of Perth. I scripted and voiced the report.

Avalanche hits ski resort

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Skiers at this French ski resort were lucky to escape when an avalanche tore down a mountain. I put together this report with material fed over the agencies.

Syria’s citizen journalists

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This footage of Syrian activists explaining how they have become citizen journalists was filmed by a news agency. I voiced the translation and edited it all together.

Tsunami photos returned

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I voiced this report about thousands of photos found after the Japan tsunami, being reunited with their owners. Written and edited by the BBC’s Global Video Unit.

Louvre museum’s new gallery

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The Louvre is building a new gallery for Islamic art. It’s the biggest design feat since the glass pyramid. I voiced this report which was edited by the BBC’s Global Video Unit.

Rare white wombat saved

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This little chap was found dehydrated and close to the death, but was nursed back to health by a friendly volunteer. I voiced this report.

High wire power job

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This electrician had an exciting day climbing up a really tall pylon and fixing a faulty part. We edited these news agency pictures together and i recorded the script.

The Burning Man festival

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Burning Man marked its 25th anniversary this year. The news agencies filed back lots of nice footage which we edited together and I voiced.

Japanese cash in their gold

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As the price of gold soars, we put together this report about people in Japan cashing in unusual possessions. Our Global Video Unit put the report together and I voiced it.

Captain Morgan’s shipwreck?

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Archeologists filmed footage of what they think is infamous privateer Captain Henry Morgan’s ship. I voiced the track and colleagues in our Global Video Unit edited it together.

Snakes on a pane

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This video of a snake on a car bonnet was sent out by the agencies, but we felt it needed a bit more explanation. I wrote a short script and edited the pictures together.

Chilly Chinese record bid

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Two Chinese men took part in a chilly record attempt to see who could stand in a cubicle full of ice the longest. The news agencies fed this video, which I scripted, voiced and edited.

Australia floods near peak

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Our reporter in Australia filmed a short piece to camera as the Australia floods neared their peak. I took his piece and edited some rushes over the top. Short and simple.

Huge plane fights Israel fire

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A massive 747 firefighting plane was used to tackle forest fires in Israel. I edited this short clip using footage from news agencies.

Charity moustache shaving

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A light feature I filmed and edited at short notice about one of our editor’s having his moustache shaved off for Movember.

Korean tensions after attack

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More footage of the damage caused by North Korea’s attacks on the South Korean Island, as tension remained high. I edited this agency video together over the top of our correspondent.

N Korea fires on South

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North Korea fired on a South Korean border island killing 4 people. A day after the attack, the agencies fed video from the island. I edited it together with our reporter giving the latest update.

Royal wedding

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We wanted to produce a piece taking in global reaction to Prince William and Kate’s wedding announcement. I edited together these clips from the agencies and used some graphics as locators.

Tsunami surfers

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This footage was filmed by some surfers who survived the Indonesian tsunami in Oct 2010. It was fed over the news agencies and I edited it together.

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