Freedom Tower base jump

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Some guys parachuted off Freedom Tower (old WTC) last year at 3am, producing some pretty amazing footage. Anyway, they gave themselves up to cops yesterday arguing slack security was the real issue. Watch the jump below.

World’s biggest bitcoin mine

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Don’t ask me how it works but some people are making a lot of money mining cryptocurrency bitcoin. This US news network went inside what’s thought to be the world’s biggest bitcoin mining data centre. The owner is making $8m a month. Wonder how much his electricity bill is?

The real Wolf of Wall St

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This interview with Jordan Belfort, the man played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest ‘dirty bankers’ film, makes for an interesting watch. That’s assuming you can handle the overbearing enthusiastic US salesman vibe. Very funny story about how his super-yacht sank (30 mins in). You can see why DiCaprio was the perfect choice to play him.

Man has cockroach in ear

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Every once in a while you hear an amazing interview that you have to share. This chap from Australia told BBC 5 Live how he woke up to find a cockroach had crawled into his ear, and went on to describe various, unsuccessful ways he tried to get it out.

Sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending

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This is going to be amazing… or rubbish. That is all.

Thrillseekers loving it

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Great compilation from the Compilation Channel on YouTube, of people pushing themselves to the limits. Wish I had the time, money, guts to do this stuff. I’m pretty good at freestyle nappy changing. Contender?

Horrors of African war

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Africa’s ‘forgotten war’ in the Central African Republic has been thrown into sharp focus again. The UN is voting on sending in French forces to help African peacekeepers try and stop Muslim rebels and Christian locals fighting. The BBC’s Andrew Harding has witnessed the unfolding nightmare.

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Skydivers survive collision

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Amazing footage of two planes full of skydivers colliding in mid-air. Everyone survived and NBC got hold of the helmet-cam video from a couple of them.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Autumn in HD

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As the sun falls low in the sky and warm days turn cold, childhood memories surface. Woodland walks, long bike rides, the smell of open fires.
Right, enough poetry. Here’s a clip of a rose bush I filmed with my 5D MKII in the Autumn sun.

Driving fast cars

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Thanks to my girlfriend Amanda for getting me into the fastest car Jeremy Clarkson has ever driven – the Aerial Atom (click pic to watch Top Gear vid). Half way into the 3rd lap I thought I was going to throw up. Luckily there were only 3 laps. I also got to race an Aston Martin.

Labour conference fight

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Interesting clip here of publishing rep attacking protester during interview with Damian McBride. Party conferences have never been such compelling viewing.

Drone tour of Burning Man

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I’ve not been to many festivals, and I’m not sure I fancy camping in a desert, but I did like this view of Burning Man, thanks to the magic of drones and Go Pros.

Where UK aid money goes

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Been a while since I posted on my website. Who’d have thought three months babysitting my kid would be so hectic. Anyway, before I headed off I was planning on posting this excellent video inforgraphic by the BBC’s Chris West showing where UK aid money goes.

This made me laugh

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Very funny series of pics, quotes, cuttings and comments from BuzzFeed. Made me laugh.

London 1927 colour video

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Have a look at this brilliant colour video of London in 1927. Courtesy of the BFI, it was filmed by Claude Friese-Greene, the son of pioneering cinematographer William F-G.

Helicopter lands on railing

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Making an emergency landing on a roadside barrier in a helicopter is probably not what they teach you at pilot school. This guy seems to be doing a pretty good job of it though. He had to drop off a doctor at the scene of an accident in Canada apparently.

Dinosaur outside my office

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This realistic chap entertained the crowds outside BBC New Broadcasting House this morning. Earlier he was spotted scaring shoppers and commuters on Oxford Street. Would be great to see him jumping out at people leaving pubs and clubs late at night.

SpaceX hovering rocket

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SpaceX, the private firm making reusable space rockets, has carried another test of its Grasshopper vehicle. This time it flew to its highest point, 820ft, hovered for a while, then landed. Pretty neat video – not sure music is necessary though.

Rare Banksy, still on wall

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Just spotted this Banksy number round the corner from the office on Clipstone street. Thought most of them had been chiseled off.

CyberBunker denies attacks

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The group accused of launching the world’s largest cyber attack has hit back. Web hosting firm CyberBunker, which operates from a cold war facility, accused disgruntled Russian ISPs for causing the chaos. Worldwide internet traffic slowed down when hacckers attacked spam-fighting firm SpamHaus. Russia Today interviewed CyberBunker’s Sven Olaf Kamphuis from inside the Netherlands based bunker.

Quality journalism declining

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New research says continuing cuts in US newsrooms is effecting the quality of journalism. The report by the Pew Research Center says broadcasters like CNN and MSNBC are covering fewer live events and running more interviews. I remember late shifts in local radio when we produced two full packages a day. Now most stations settle for a cue and a phono.

Reporter star struck by Mila

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BBC Radio 1′s Chris Stark appears to go way off script in this interview with actress Mila Kunis, inviting her to his local pub and a mate’s wedding. But is it all an elaborate attempt to get a viral video. Maybe… but it’s pretty funny.

World’s thinnest watch

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I’ve always had a thing about watches. Starting with a Knight Rider one I got for Christmas when I was about 5. It played the theme music, and I was top dog in the playground. This strange obsession has continued into adulthood. I loved the technology in the Pebble watch, and this one is just as cool. It’s also just reached $1m on Kickstarter.

The Oxford Steet beatboxer

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This guy braved the -1 (real feel -5) central London temperatures to entertain the crowds on Friday evening. He was throwing down beats like they were going out of fashion. Yeah… don’t sound like a late 30s dad now, do I. Hmmm.

Meteor filmed over Russia

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A meteor has hit central Russia causing injuries and damage in the Ural region. The ground shook, car alarms were set off and windows were shattered as it passed overhead and landed. It comes on the same day that an asteroid the size of an Olympic swimming pool will pass close to Earth. Read more here. Watch a montage of the best footage I created at work.

Top Gear helicopter crash

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This is the moment an AH1 Cobra helicopter crashes after racing a Corvette ZR1 on Top Gear Korea. It happened during a practice run in the Arizona desert in the US. Unbelievably no-one was hurt during the incident.

Super computer brain

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The human brain is the most complex machine we’ve ever encountered. Now scientists and engineers in Europe plan to build a computer that simulates it. If successful, it will have far-reaching consequences for medicine and computing. Ethics aside, this is pretty exciting stuff.

Mapping the war in Syria

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Another excellent example of data mapping, this time on the crisis in Syria. A range of information including deaths, refugee numbers and latest activist videos, pulled together by Syria Deeply. Despite all this horror the rest of the world has failed abysmally to do anything to help.

Helicopter crash on Twitter

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I was working on the day of the London helicopter crash on 16 Jan. We were swamped with UGC and BBC footage from the scene. The BBC News website had nearly 3,000,000 hits on videos alone. This data visualisation shows all the tweets. The big dots are the accounts with the most followers. As tweets are re-tweeted they return to the centre of the screen.

Earthquake truck off to NZ

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Check out this beast. The T-Rex truck shakes the ground re-creating effects of earthquakes. The data is used to design better buildings. The truck is off to New Zealand following the 2011 Christchurch quake.

LED snowboarder hits Alps

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Here’s something that’ll impress your skiing mates on the slopes. The LED snowsuit – perfect for night missions, and entertaining guests at parties. It’s been created by designer and electronics expert John Spatcher. Here’s pro-boarder William Hughes trying it out. Filmed by Jacob Sutton.

View from tallest building

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Here’s a great 360 degree photo taken from the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Photographer Gerald Donovan composed the image from 70 photos, many of them taken at 80 megapixels. The view featured in the latest Mission Impossible film, with Tom Cruise clambering around on the building.

Tricycle house unveiled

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This very cool but very uncomfortable house on a bike has been designed by China’s People’s Architecture Office. It’s called the Tricycle House and has a sink, stove, bath and bed.

Serious snowball fight kit

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As snow hits the UK and the kids go crazy with excitement, here’s a piece of kit that’ll keep you a step ahead. The 50 foot snowball launcher has a slingshot mechanism rather than batteries, so will never let you down. Check out Mashable for more cold weather toys.

Star Trek Into Darkness

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The latest Star Trek film is still 5 months away, but sci-fi fans are already super excited. Into Darkness sees Captain Kirk hunting for ‘a one man weapon of mass destruction’ threatening Starfleet. One to watch in the Imax I reckon.

Tablet with ‘living screen’

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CES is finally coming to an end and here’s another bit of cool tech to emerge. A tablet with a special screen which allows the keyboard keys to literally rise from the surface. The BBC’s Dave Lee had a closer look and spoke to Tactus, the firm behind it.

Inside EU cybercrime unit

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Europol, the EU’s cross-border specialist crime fighting unit, has opened a new cycbercrime unit. It includes a so-called ‘Faraday’ room which blocks wireless signals preventing criminals wiping incriminating evidence from seized devices.

Pebble watch in the wild

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The much anticipated Pebble smartwatch, which syncs with your phone, has gone on display at CES. The firm behind the Kickstarter funded device also revealed that it will start shipping on 23 Jan. An Engadget reviewer had a play with it, and filmed this review.

Earth timelapse from ISS

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Check out this compilation of timelapse video and astronauts’ messages from the International Space Station. It’s been produced by Italian videomaker, Giacomo Sardelli, and despite the cheesy music, it’s a compelling watch.

Waterproof phone in action

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Lots going on at CES 2013 including the release of a new Sony smartphone. The Xperia Z is a quad core android 4.1 beast with a 5inch screen and 13mp camera. Oh, and it’s waterproof, as this Engadget reviewer demonstrates.

Huge swinging Samsung TV

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The world’s largest technology expo is under way in the US, and to mark the occasion Samsung has unveiled the biggest TV known to man. The 110 inch ultra HD monster sits in a weird swinging frame which houses the speakers. Price tag unknown.

For all the best CES 2013 coverage check out the BBC’s special reports page, and Gizmodo’s daily round-ups.

iPod dropped from ‘space’

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Worried about dropping your phone and damaging it? The makers of this iPod/iPhone case carried out an extreme test of their product. They sent an iPod 100,000ft above the Earth attached to a balloon, and dropped it. Did it survive? Watch and find out.

BBC-backed Pirate Bay film

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A documentary about the Pirate Bay, part funded by the BBC, will be released for free on torrent sharing sites. It’s called TPB-AFK (catchy!). The makers say it’s the first time several national broadcasters have funded a film with a creative commons license. Here’s the director talking about it.

‘Cardboard coffin’ homeless

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This is the sobering sight that greets me when I arrive at work in central London these days. Most mornings homeless people are entombed in cardboard ‘coffins’ trying to sleep. These ones were outside All Souls church in the heart of the capital. There has been a big rise in rough sleeping in London over the last year. It was 2°C in some parts of London last night.

Russian plane crash filmed

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DISTURBING FOOTAGE: This is the moment a passenger plane ran off the runway at a Moscow airport and onto a motorway. Four crew members died when the Tupolev-204 – flight number RWZ9268 – crashed. There were no passengers on board.

Lizards eat flies off lions

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Lizards: Quick, clever, cool looking. And also great for keeping flies and mossies away. Here they are in action hunting little things with wings hanging out on lions in Africa.

Funny phone autocorrects

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I’m not in the habit of posting frivolous sillyness on my website, but this really did have me laughing at my desk. Probably mostly made up, but still very funny.

Nasa: Why world didn’t end

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The boffins in white coats at Nasa (or maybe tweed and elbow patches?), have been giving their take on the (non)apocalypse. Interestingly they released this post-dated video a week ago, presumably highlighting their confidence in science over myth.

How eagle hoax was made

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The video of the Golden Eagle snatching a baby from a park has, of course, been exposed as a hoax. I spoke to the 3D design college in Canada, whose students made the clip.

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Water vaporises at -40

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We all know it’s cold in Russia, especially Siberia. But -41! Dmitry Klimensky, shows what happens when you throw a pan of boiling water into the air in such temperatures.

Everest 2bn pixel image

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Is this the biggest photo ever ‘taken’. The 2 billion pixel image is a composite of 477 photos. It shows the Khumbu glacier near Mount Everest. It was created by David Breashears in Spring 2012.

Internet of Everything

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This is the term Cisco has adopted for describing its vision of a networked, online world. Speaking in this video, the firm’s chief futurist describes how ‘everything’ will be connected to the internet. It sounds pretty exciting, but critics have their concerns.

Zero Dark Thirty film

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Looking forward to this one. The Bin Laden capture film. Released in the US tonight. Interesting debates going on about whether or not it’ll boost Obama’s popularity. Watch the BBC review.

Web searches in real-time

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Just stumbled across this neat Google search visualisation globe. It shows where the most Google searches are being made, with colours representing the language. Pretty.

Was your street bombed?

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Here’s something I thought would have appeared on google maps ages ago. The location of all the known WWII bombs that fell on London, and information about each one. Looks like there were a few around my home. Did any land near you? Are they still there!

Earth at night from space

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Nasa has released a pretty impressive video made up of composite still images of the Earth at night. The images were taken by the Suomi satellite, whose mission is to deliver meteorological data.

The 170ft trampoline

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This looks like fun. A 170 foot trampoline installed in a Russian forest. Part design, part art, part play, it’s been created by architect firm Fast Track. (via colossal)

Watching Syria’s nightmare

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Every day I come to work and every day there’s another story about Syria’s descent further into hell. I try not to think too much about a lot of the stuff we report on, otherwise I’d be a very unhappy person. Now I have a child, I look at things differently.

Rebirth of the Lomo LC-A

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Fascinating feature here on BBC News website about the cult camera the Lomo Kompact Automat. The Russian firm that made it restarted production in the mid-90s due to huge demand. Originals sell on ebay for £100, but the Diana F range are much cheaper. (photo courtesy Lomography)

Can’t move for cameras

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I was expecting to see lots of TV crews outside work today, but not the filming of a Hollywood blockbuster. That’s what appears to be going on at the Langham Hotel next door. Twitter rumors suggest it’s Red 2, featuring Bruce Willis and Anthony Hopkins. Here is the trailer for the first Red film.

Obama speech word cloud

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This is what President Obama’s victory speech looks like in words. Pretty.

Kiteboarder takes on Sandy

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Kiteboard speed record holder Rob Douglas endured the wrath of Hurricane Sandy (and critics), when he took to the sea at the height of the storm. Here he is getting some pretty amazing air.

The Wheel of Urine

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Yes, that’s right, cast your eyes over the wheel of urine, a C16th chart for analysing and diagnosing sicknesses. Smell, appearance and taste are all ways of telling what’s wrong with someone. Nice.

Cockneys Vs Zombies

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Why am I only hearing about this now?! Good review by Mark Kermode too.

Early morning sun

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Here are some pics I took on a much sunnier day than today, in my local park. I was testing out a 28mm Sigma lens (Nikon fit) on a Canon 5D MK II. Nice and soft, perfect for mellow mornings.

The wedding video

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Just finished editing this video for a work colleague. Filmed on my new Canon 5D MK II, edited in FCP. Great camera, but bit of a nightmare for ‘hit n run’ style shooting.

Testing my Canon 5D mk II

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So, I blew a load of cash and upgraded my camera to a Canon 5D mk II. It’s amazing. Am planning on shooting lots of video on it. Here’s a very quick test of its potential. Watch the full HD version on Vimeo.

BBC Olympics tower block

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With the Games well under way, I’ve been lucky enough to be camera crewing in our rooftop studios. In fact, that’s where I’m posting this from (during a break… I am of course very busy). Here are some pics, including one of the 1960s tower block where we’re based.

[picasa width="600" height="450" bgcolor="#000000" autoplay="5" showcaption="0" user="trystanyoung" album="es_BBCOlympicStudio"]

The Bourne Legacy

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Don’t know how I missed this one. New Bourne film due out in August. Looks like it could be good, if slightly confusing?

Living in 2012 missile zone

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Not sure how I feel about this. Does being in firing range of two 2012 Olympics rapier missile sites mean I’m safer? I doubt it.

Catcopter divides opinion

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The catcopter has got the internet buzzing, and not in a good way. The Dutch ‘artist’ who created it says it’s a tribute to his dead feline. Is a dogcopter next?

New 007 Skyfall trailer

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Getting super excited about this. The new James Bond film, Skyfall, due out in October. In fact, I’m so excited I’m breaking with tradition and posting the new trailer at 600px wide instead my usual 450. Yeah baby.

A few baby photos

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Baby Edan Joseph, born at 0130 on Sunday in London, weighing 9lb (4.1kg).

Labour was like a battlefield and I need trauma therapy. Now adapting to a life without sleep.

Funniest film of the year?

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It’s here. The latest film from Ali G (he’ll always be Ali to me), The Dictator. Check out the trailer below, if you haven’t seen it already. Also, this excellent interview on the red carpet last night.

NYC archive photos online

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NYC authorities have put a load of archive photos online and there’s a lot fascinating stuff.

I like this one of Brooklyn Bridge in 1914, 31 years after it first opened.

Almost a million photos have been published, and The Mail has selected some of the best.

Spray-on electronic display

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Researchers at our very own Exeter University are trying to develop a Graphene based spray-on electronic screen.

The team has just created a new material they call GraphExeter, said to be the most transparent, flexible electronic screen ever.

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