Wingsuit record breaker

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I interviewed this very humble chap about jumping out of a plane at 35,000 feet and put this video together.

Koalas vs cattle

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Here’s a piece I made about the plight of Australia’s koalas.

£3m garden makeover

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This turned out to be pretty popular with viewers. I put it together with the help of footage from possibly the coolest looking castle in the world.

The big $100m grant

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Here’s a video I made about some great projects in the running for a $100m grant.

Sonia Rykiel Obituary

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Here’s a report i wrote, voiced and edited for BBC World News TV. Turnaround – 3 hours. 

Inside new London Bridge

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The BBC’s transport guru Richard Westcott got to see why London Bridge commuters are suffering so much.

Perseid meteors 2015

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Here’s a video I put together using some BBC viewers’ photos combined with music and text.

Lexus unveils hoverboard

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After weeks of teasers and trails Lexus has unveiled its magnetic levitating hoverboard and hoverpark. It looks great, but the pro-skaters testing it are doing a lot of falling off.

Surfer ablaze in barrel

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This dude will do anything for publicity, and so will Red Bull. So when someone suggested Jamie O’Brien set himself on fire while surfing, he thought, yeah – great idea. Some people huh.

‘I left City job to fight Isis’

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Interesting watch here from the Guardian, about how one City worker left his job and fought Isis in Syria for 5 months. Brave soul. Proud to be British.

Two-wheeled record

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I’m a two-wheel driver, but not in the same way these guys are. They just knocked 35 seconds off the world record for driving a mile on two wheels in a car.

Lexus makes hoverboard?

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Yeah, well, I’ll believe it when I actually see it.

Dads: When they find out

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This cheesy advert by Dove shows the moment men find out they are about to become fathers. I’d like to see a follow-up, after baby arrives, showing the moment they realise their old lives have gone forever.

Hoverboard man sets record

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Been a while since I’ve been posting – that’s new babies/parenthood for you. Starting off with the top news story of the last few days – the record for longest journey by hoverboard!

Who leaked HSBC files?

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Great video explainer by the Guardian detailing who leaked the HSBC files and how French police alerted countries around the world.

Fierce battle in Ukraine

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If you ever wanted to know what it’s like being the middle of a gun and tank battle, watch this. Filmed on Wed/Thu 28/29 Jan 2015 in a town near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. Agency material, edited by myself.

Living in a bomb shelter

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Interesting video here about people in China trying to avoid super expensive rent by living in bomb shelters.

Ebola relatives’ stories

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This is the effect of the Ebola outbreak in Africa – families wiped out, children left to fend for themselves, friends and relatives afraid to talk to each… even on the phone.

Underworld everywhere

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Live on 6 Music, new tour dates announced, new album being recorded. It’s all happening. Here’s an old classic.

Fighting Islamic State

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With some help from Arabic speaking colleagues I voiced and edited together this interview, by BBC Arabic, with a Syrian fighter battling Islamic State in Kobane.

Rotten Vs Humphreys

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Sex Pistol’s star, still angry.

Pretty Iceland

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Excellent video made by Art Directors Lea Amiel and Nicolas Libersalle, showing Iceland at its best. All on my favorite camera the Canon 5D MKII.

Real-time Aurora Substorm

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When we think of the Northern Lights we usually think timelapse. Not this time. This amazing show is real-time footage of the sky going crazy. Enjoy.

Drones in the Theatre

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Cirque du Soleil has employed an army of drone lampshades to showcase the relationship between technology and actors. According to the team behind it, this is just the beginning. Watch the ‘how it was done’ video below.

Scotland says No

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As Scotland narrowly voted against independence, a couple of videos on the BBC website caught my eye. Have a watch of these.

New wedding video

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Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Sam and Lynne Yeates. I was lucky enough to film their lovely wedding on a sunny day in Dulwich a few weeks ago. I hope married life treats them well.

Planes, lots of planes

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Several thousand planes fly between the US and Europe every day. This is what 24 hours looks like in 2 mins.

Kasabian – rockin Glasto

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BBC Breakfast bravely interviewed Kasabian this morning. They came across pretty ok, considering they must spend every night being all rock n roll. Here they are at Glasto. Looked flippin brilliant.

BBC under fire in Iraq

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Here’s the full unedited video of the BBC’s Paul Wood caught in the crossfire as ISIS fighters trade fire with government soldiers in Iraq. This is why I decided against being a war zone cameraman.

BBC Breakfast does Happy

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Nice job by BBC Breakfast team on Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

Climber escapes crevasse

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Here is the amazing story of Dr John All who dragged himself out of a Himalayan crevasse despite several broken ribs and a broken arm. I spoke to him on Friday and he’s much better now. Watch him talk about the ordeal in this video I edited, and the unedited clips below (explicit language).

Longest ever timelapse?

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Earthcam has spent 10 years capturing the scene at ‘ground zero’, the site of the World Trade Centre attacks, and they’ve condensed it down to two and half minutes. Check it out.

Freedom Tower base jump

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Some guys parachuted off Freedom Tower (old WTC) last year at 3am, producing some pretty amazing footage. Anyway, they gave themselves up to cops yesterday arguing slack security was the real issue. Watch the jump below.

World’s biggest bitcoin mine

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Don’t ask me how it works but some people are making a lot of money mining cryptocurrency bitcoin. This US news network went inside what’s thought to be the world’s biggest bitcoin mining data centre. The owner is making $8m a month. Wonder how much his electricity bill is?

The real Wolf of Wall St

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This interview with Jordan Belfort, the man played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the latest ‘dirty bankers’ film, makes for an interesting watch. That’s assuming you can handle the overbearing enthusiastic US salesman vibe. Very funny story about how his super-yacht sank (30 mins in). You can see why DiCaprio was the perfect choice to play him.

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